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How to play
Unlocking items
How can I play Village Life?

Getting started in Village Life on you PC or iOS device is easy!

On PC - Simply create a Facebook account and click on the link below.


Play Village Life on Facebook

On Mobile device - Simply visit the following link to download the Village Life app to your iOS device -


Play Village Life on iOS

We will run you through a short tutorial to show you how everything is done and once completed you will be free to start your Village Life.


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How do I craft new tools and fun objects?


Crafting tools is essential in Village Life as tools are needed to complete everyday tasks within your village, everything from gathering grass to mining precious materials. 


To view your crafted tools and to craft new tools simply click on you villager’s workshop. 


From here you will be able to see which tools you have mastered and which materials are required to craft new tools and fun objects.

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How do I buy new decorations?


Buying decorative items in Village Life is extremely easy.


All decorative items can be purchased from the décor store. The décor store can be accessed by either clicking on your Village Caravan or the 'Shoppe' icon at the bottom of the screen.

There you will find a wide range of decorative items in the Building, Animals, Nature, Wonder, Medieval, Stone Age and ?decor? sections.

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How do I move and rotate items in Village Life?


Facebook Version - Press on the wrench tool at the bottom of the screen and then press the rotate or move buttons. You can then move or rotate items in your village simply by pressing on them! Happy days!

Mobile Version - Simply press and hold down on the object you wish to move or rotate. Buttons will, like magic, appear giving you options for rotating and removing. At this point you can also move the object just by dragging it around! That’s real magic.

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